A story that reaffirms my faith that MOST of us get it. Sadly, many choose not to.

There are too many negative stories in the news delineating the divisions in humanity. Well here's one that shows what's GOOD about America, and will warm your heart as well. 20 Bikers Show Up At Boy’s School When Mom’s Car Is Totally Destroyed By Bullies You will after reading watching this story.


ColorBlind Hoodie and T-shirt launch

It took a while but we have finally arrived. We have launched the first line of Hoodies and T's sporting the ColorBlind logo. As you can see we have done a bit of re-branding in that we struck through the word ColorBlind because how are we to embrace our differences if we are not allowed to … Continue reading ColorBlind Hoodie and T-shirt launch

“America doesn’t have a police problem, she has a heart problem”

History has shown us there are events that can define a generation, a decade, or even a single year. Some events are triumphant such as the Miracle on Ice, the 1980 remarkable USA Olympic hockey team victory over the heavily favored Soviet team, which some called the greatest moment in sports history. But there are … Continue reading “America doesn’t have a police problem, she has a heart problem”