Here’s an interesting read on Diversity and Inclusion in 2016 by Forbes. Check it out.

Please read the following article from the Huffington Post  with an open and unbiased mindset. After reading the article  please then read a response from a reader who posted what I describe as a very honest and profound post. His view may surprise, or dare I say enlighten many of you.

Please comment.

Here’s one readers (Demian) response:

“In a deep discussion of race, yes I’ll be happy to say I’m a racist. That’s shocking to most white peeps because that means you hate non white people right?
No. It means I understand the privileges of being white and befitting from a white society.
And no. I also see where whiteness still gives non white peeps hell due to things I don’t have to worry about. (ie. No such thing as driving while white, don’t get asked if I speak English). However, I still see the strange intersection of my strange diversity interacting with whiteness. (Peeps assume I’m black due to my name, my religion.)
So am I a textbook racist? Heck no, those peoples are antlers (curse words starts with a, my phone doesn’t like to curse.)
But I’ve benefited by a racist structure and am a ‘structural racist.’ Which means I need to acknowledge and try and change what is wrong.
Like seriously, what’s up with ‘black’ Transformers dying first or their ‘ethnic’ stereotypes.
Racial consciousness as a white person is annoying and sometimes tiring. But it’s not nearly as exhausting as being non white. Which you can die from.
That’s what we have to fight for. And it’s a fight worth having.”

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