About CBE


Welcome to ColorBlind Enterprises (CBE). It is our sincere hope that you view this blog with an open heart and mind, as you will need to in order to fully comprehend the essence of our message. We’ll get to why we strike through our logo in a minute.

CBE is a socially conscious and socially accountable organization created with a foundation deeply rooted in the POWER of ACCEPTANCE.  First and foremost, be mindful that CBE is not just about color as the name suggests.   It is more about facilitating a process of learning to accept ALL diversity through creating awareness, providing knowledge, and promoting an understanding of our wonderfully diverse society.

Conversely, in order to celebrate diversity we must be able to recognize diversity free of perceptions we formally may have had. There is a complexity to this concept in that the notion of being “colorblind” signifies that one should disregard, [look past] the color or disability of another  and focus on one’s character. While that is true, the question then becomes how can we celebrate diversity if we are not allowed to recognize it? Hence, the intricate duality of our logo; “ColorBlind.” The answer lies in understanding the complexity of recognizing color/ability while not letting color/ability effect our perception. However, that is easier said than done. Or is it?

CBE contends that diversity should be inclusive, not limited to sex, race, color, religion, physical or mental disability, obesity, sexual orientation/identity, political affiliation, social class, economic status and/or ANY other label used to divide us.

It is our intention to use this blog to help expand the minds and hearts of those we come in contact with in such a way as to facilitate critical thinking about life and its beautiful diversity. Life is too short not to condition ourselves to see it for what it truly is and how we all are playing on “and” for the same team.

Finally, it is our goal to try to paint for you a vision of what we think the world should look like, through your heart and mind’s eye. We intend to use your computer, tablet or smart phone screen as the canvas, our words as paint with our thoughts providing the color, for a portrait we call “Vision-less Sight.” Because…

…”Sometimes it’s what we see that makes us Blind”

Be well,


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