Identity Theft; Though it’s not what you may think.


Until you’ve been a victim of identity theft you will never really know what it feels like. I personally have experienced identity theft to the tune of several thousand dollars and let me tell you, it’s never funny when people mess with your money. But what if the identity that was stolen was your internal identity and not virtual? Is that even possible? And if so, how? Though I do not have the answer to either of those questions allow me to elaborate on the purpose of this post from a different perspective.

When we think of identity theft, we typically assume that an individual or group of people has stolen the personal banking or personal information of another person to pose as that person, thus taking money or other assets from that person. However, for the purpose of this article, I want to discuss the identity of an individual who has lived their life self-identifying as a female, while internally their identity was a male. You see, this is the story of Kayden; a wonderful young man who was actually born a female.

First let me say I can only imagine the struggle Kayden must have enduTransgender symbol iconred once he realized his real identity. The questions he must have had. The decisions he must have had to ponder as far as who, when, how, and where he would let his loved ones know, or if he wanted to let anyone know at all. These are questions and decisions only Kayden can answer. However, what I can attest to is the courage, bravery, mental toughness, determination, trust, and fortitude Kayden demonstrated by informing the world of his TRUE identity, because for so long his real identity had been stolen by society.

Kayden’s story embodies the essence of ColorBlind Enterprises which, at its core is ACCEPTANCE. Sure color/race plays a huge role in our society but ColorBlind is so much more than that. Just as our logo displays, we don’t want you to be colorblind. We want you to recognize color, gender, religion, disability, LGBTQ, and any other identity because it’s diversity, not division that makes us great. The trick is to acquire the cognitive maturity to not let what you recognize influence your perception of an individual. Every one of us is different and unique in our own way and that is what makes us beautiful. We should not have to feel like we are doing something wrong just because secular “society” doesn’t agree with the lifestyle we choose.

I am Kayden, you are Kayden, we ALL are Kayden in the sense of being fearless when living our lives the way we want to (legally of course) despite what anyone else may think. I commend you Kayden on reclaiming your identity and living life to the fullest. We love you Kayden. Peace out.


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