Be Proud! Be Bold! But whatever you do, don’t be Colorblind. What’s your color?


One might look at the above image and think “that’s an oxymoron.” I mean, what is the message? There’s the word colorblind crossed out, yet the word itself is spelled using a different color for each letter. Couple that with the title, this whole thing is confusing.funny-confused-face-clipart-1 Obviously, there’s some level of symbolism going on but what does it mean?

I can sense the confused look on your face so let me explain. Yes there is symbolism and it has to do with acknowledging diversity. You see,   ColorBlind Enterprises was founded on the premise of educating people on how to recognize and accept diversity in order to form a more inclusive society. Therefore we chose to cross out the word ColorBlind because if we want people to embrace and celebrate diversity we have to be able to see it first. 47097-quotes-about-diversityBe proud of your diversity and take a bold stance in celebrating it.

In this game we call life there are many players from all types of backgrounds but guess what? We’re all on the same team. Think of it as a multi-player Role Playing Game, or RPG where players work together towards an objective or mission, overcoming obstacles along the way. Using that perspective one could conclude that some of the obstacles or challenges we face in life include work, bills, car payments, mortgages, rent, relationships, discrimination, equality, sexism, racism and a host of other everyday situations that make up, well, life.

The bottom line is this. Until we as humans are willing to acknowledge and accept our differences we will continue to live in a divided and discombobulated society. But let’s keep it real for a minute. There are those who, unfortunately, will reject the notion of accepting diversity until they breathe their last breath and that’s the sad reality we live in today.

However, I strongly believe in humanity and have faith that there are truly more GOOD people in the world than there are bad. To that end I also believe we WILL one day arrive at a place where the vast majority of those people who will never embrace diversity will have indeed taken their last breath, making room for and revealing the peace society will obtain through acceptance.





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