ColorBlind Hoodie and T-shirt launch

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It took a while but we have finally arrived. We have launched the first line of Hoodies and T’s sporting the ColorBlind logo. As you can see we have done a bit of re-branding in that we struck through the word ColorBlind because how are we to embrace our differences if we are not allowed to recognize them?

So we are asking that you be ColorBold. ColorBold means that you can recognize my color, my disability, my sexual orientation, my ethnicity, and my religion while not allowing my difference to affect your perception of me.

We are launching a limited number of items to preview through a fundraising campaign that will help us build our operation and continue to provide more items in the future that support diversity and inclusion.

If you believe in our message, please consider purchasing one of our Hoodies or T’s. Diversity and inclusion are so important, more so now than ever, because “Sometimes it’s what we see that make us Blind.”

Follow the link below to purchase.

I support diversity and inclusion.

Thank you.

CB Enterprises


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