Are you Blind?

Are you Blind? By blind I mean, do you see ME, or the color of my skin?
Do you see the wheelchair, or the person sitting in the wheelchair?
Do you see the prosthetic limb, or the person its supporting? 
Do you see and laugh at the child that comes to school with torn and tattered clothes and lacks personal hygiene, or do you see the impoverished neighborhood the child lives in?
Do you see the 8th grader who sits in class afraid to raise his/her hand to be called on because he/she reads at a 3rd grade level, or do you see a systemically flawed education system? 
Do you see the bully and think “they’re just kids being kids”, or do yousee the increase in teenage suicides attributed to bullying?
Do you see the young mother with a swollen black eye and severely bruised arms and think “poor woman” as she quietly whispers “I’m okay”, or do you see her expression that says “Please help me?”
The world is more complex than what we see with out natural eyes. That’s why it is so important to learn how to see things through the lens of our heart while being open-minded enough to accept what it is we see. How we choose to view the world determines our character and compels us to act, or not act.
So again I ask you…
…are you Blind?



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