Happy 4th of July

4th-of-july-american-flag-clip-art with cbe

America has definitely had her share of shame, tragedies and triumphs since her birth in 1776. Still, there’s no other country in the world I’d rather live than here. Having said that there’s still much work to be done. Social injustice, discrimination and religious freedom are just a few of the societal challenges we face as a nation. I am of the firm belief that we can create all the laws we want to combat those challenges but the crux of the matter is until the heart and mind is changed, nothing will change.

Therefore it is our mission to educate people across this great nation on the beauty and importance of diversity and inclusion in such a way that their hearts and minds will be open to accepting and embracing our differences rather than seeing them as divisive.  

Let’s face it; haters are gonna hate and for some that will never change. But I am hopeful that if we can reach at least one person who holds on to those old ideals, and show them the power of acceptance, the world will be a little better each time we do it.

Please spread this message.

Thank you. 

Happy Independence Day



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