Perspective-It’s important


At first glance one may conclude the above picture is a distorted, out of focus photo of a light display of a ride taken at an amusement park. Another may contend the photo is a picture taken from a car moving through a tunnel at a high rate of speed. Yet others may be inclined to think it’s a wormhole leading to a parallel dimension.

To the untrained eye it is understandable how any of those scenarios could be assumed. However the premise of this post is all about perspective. You see, one’s vantage point of any picture or situation can be interpreted in completely different ways, often leading to misconceptions in the absence of clarification or authentication.

The point is one should always strive to see things from more than one perspective. In turn it will give one a greater sense of empathy and a better understanding of other points of view because things aren’t always what they seem. Being open to seeing things from other perspectives and seeking clarification when your perspective isn’t clear will lead to less confusion and drama.

By the way, the above photo was taken at a dockside pier overlooking a harbor in Tampa, FL. As the author of this post was removing his phone from his pocket to make a call he inadvertently activated the camera and the photo was captured during that motion. The lights that lined the pier are responsible for that beautiful light display pattern.



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