Mobile Monday


Monday gets a bad rap for obvious reasons. Start’s a new work week, end to a great weekend, new quota’s to meet, and a host of other things that just aren’t Monday’s fault. Monday just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, every week.

However I’m of the perspective that Monday should be celebrated. Why? Because just like Monday represents many things we view as negative and dreadful, to me it symbolizes a new beginning, a rebirth,  a do-over, another chance to get it right, and most importantly Monday represents another opportunity to be a blessing to someone else.Honestly,everyday provides these same opportunities but since Monday signifies the universal start of the work week it gets the brunt of the blame and none of the praise, as far as days of the week are concerned.

Now I consider myself a very positive person,but I’m not one of those people who are always bopping around the office telling everyone to “cheer up”, “think positive”, “it could be worse”, and marginalizing everyone else’s problems because I’m just so freaking HAPPY all the time kind of guy. We all know that type of guy, or gal. I’ve found that you really have to demonstrate a high level of patience with folks like that but you do have to wonder, what makes a person that passionate about being so positive?

I honestly believe it’s perspective. You see, perspective is so important in minimizing stress and achieving peace in my opinion. How one views incidents and life situations can be the difference between despair and success. We all have a choice in how we look at things and if we can learn to move things that obstruct your view (hurtful relationships, biases, negative people), or re-position ourselves to get a better view (apply for anew job, leave a stressful situation, relocate, take a class) it can influence our decision-making process for the better. Obviously some things are more difficult to do than others but the point is to evaluate your situation to view it in the best possible light. Learn to look for the blessing or silver lining in every situation no matter how negative it may appear. It might be challenging but I guarantee you’ll find it…

…if you have the right perspective. Happy Monday!



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