A LITTLE LOUDER PLEASE, I CAN’T HEAR YOU! (re-post from Nov/2012)

I’m so sorry for yelling the title but I thought that if I yelled it you’d get my point. Make sense? I don’t think so either. My point being, sometimes we feel that volume somehow translates into one’s ability to understand when in actuality it is our inability to calmly and effectively articulate our position. That makes a little more sense to me. You see, often times it’s a chain reaction that starts as a nice calm innocent conversation that escalates into a boisterous exchange of profanity laced insults and accusations. Well at least in my family that is. But I digress.

As with any topic discussed in this Blog, it is our obligation not only to state the issue but also provide possible solutions while soliciting input from you, our readers. So how do we avoid the perpetual cycle of thinking if we talk LOUD enough that our point will magically become clearer?

Understandably volume is necessary in certain situations such as overcoming background noise or distance, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about the conversation where two colleagues engage in a discussion about a subject where each person represents an opposing view and the conversation becomes louder and louder. Perhaps it’s human nature. That’s possible, but if we learn to understand a basic rule of thumb in communicating things would run a lot smoother. What rule of thumb pray-tell? Well let me tell you. It’s very simple…LISTEN. That’s it. Learn to listen; it’s as simple as that. I know you were thinking I was going to say some ground breaking new concept that would revolutionize the way we communicate, but why reinvent the wheel. Listening is just as, if not more important as talking because it facilitates understanding, and that’s the bottom line. In any argument, and by argument I mean a debate of opposing viewpoints, each person or debater simply wants his or her position heard. Thus, in order to hear the position we must do what? Wait for it. That’s right, listen. Pat yourself on the back and go grab a cookie for giving the correct answer. Make that a V8 or something if have sugar issues. However, learning to listen before responding would eradicate the majority of MIS-understandings in my opinion thus creating a much, much quieter and more civilized world.

 Have a great day in the blogosphere and please share your thoughts. – ask


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