It’s Monday, Smile.


If this face can’t make you smile you need to go back to bed.

Okay so it’s Monday. You’re up, you’re at work, a co-worker may be getting on your nerves, you may have woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you sliced one on the golf course today, your short game is a little long, the big one got away from you on the boat this weekend, or for whatever reason you’re just not feeling it today. That’s cool. It’s okay.

This post is just a simple reminder that it’s perfectly fine to have those type of days where nothing seems to go right from the start. The key to getting through those days is learning how to accept (there goes that word again) the fact that those days are a part of life and going to happen occasionally. Once you accept that simple fact you’ll be ready for them when, not if they do come. It’s a very simple concept but so hard to do sometimes.

So take a short walk, call an old friend, (or a new friend) enjoy a special meal you haven’t had in a while, volunteer an hour of  your time at your favorite charity, be a blessing to someone else, work on that business idea you’ve been thinking about, spontaneously make love to your lover, (yes I went there because it works). Above all, do something positive and don’t let the negative events of the day fester.

So until next time, SMILE…It’s Monday.



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