Making a Difference


Today’s Mobile Monday segment asks the question, what is the cost of “making a difference”? Seriously, how many of us have actually tried to affix a cost to the difference one is trying to make? If you’re like me then you’ve never been posed, nor have you posed that question to someone else though you fully subscribe to the concept of wanting to make a difference in some form or another. Therefore let’s briefly examine what possible costs may or may not be associated with making a difference.

I don’t think that you could place a monetary value on making a difference however, there could be a monetary value indirectly associated with it such as a fundraising effort to build a house access ramp for a disabled child for example. The type of costs that come to mind for me are more intangible in nature like volunteering your time at a homeless shelter, or donating clothes for those who are less fortunate, or even something as simple as giving an encouraging word or a kind gesture to someone who is having a rough day.


You see, making a difference can be accomplished at very little to no cost to you and yet could make ALL the difference in the WORLD to someone else. With that said, is it too much to ask to try and make a difference in someone else’s life today?

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