I’ve had a long enough hiatus and I trust all is well. It’s time to get back at it as the creative writing juices have begun to flow yet again. I’ve had time to reflect and refocus and wanted to rededicate myself to my passion, which is ColorBlind Enterprises, (CBE). Therefore allow me to introduce a new twist to and old concept and hopefully get some feedback on how it comes across.

The very foundation of CBE is deeply rooted in a concept I call AKUA; Awareness, Knowledge and Understanding leads to Acceptance. This is a very basic concept but so very important and is the very essence of creating a culture where our differences are celebrated and inspiring instead of looked upon as a source of degradation and trepidation. When one truly and freely chooses to endeavor this concept, he or she will then have been indoctrinated into a phenomenon CBE has labeled “Visionless Sight” which can only be achieved through AKUA.

But let us be clear; though our name suggests that we are only referring to the color of one’s skin, that is just part of the story. Just as our natural eyes can see more than just color, CBE’s vision is one that encompasses any difference that is viewed by society as not being part of “normal” society including but not limited to ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, the physically and mentally disabled or any label such as obese and deformed that typically carry a negative or unfavorable connotation.  It is our hope that people will learn not to judge others by what they see with their physical eyes but rather learn to accept those who are different from them because EVERYONE has beauty, but not everyone can see it…(until now).



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