The secret of happiness is…

Does anyone actually know what the secret of happiness is? Is there even a secret? Merriam-Webster (2012) defines happiness as prosperity, joy, pleasurable or a satisfying experience. Though these terms may define what happiness is, CBE tends to think that happiness is a relative phenomenon that is unique to the individual who pursues and eventually finds, well, quite simply, the euphoric feeling of being happy.

The picture above is an actual snapshot of what’s posted outside of a local Bay area college professor’s door. We found it interesting and somewhat therapeutic in that he invites students to candidly write down those things that make them happy on a sticky note and post it to his door. Except for the few typical off the wall (no pun intended) comments from some of the students, we found that there were a wide range of answers from, but not limited to religion, sex, relationships, money and many other materialistic things. Thus with such a wide spectrum of answers, it reinforces our belief that happiness truly is relative.

We invite you to not only take our poll, but also share it in an effort to get a consensus of what you think the secret of happiness is. Should you not see a suitable answer please insert your own either in the poll or in our comment section below.

At any rate, whatever YOUR secret of happiness is, we’d like you to share so that others may find theirs as well. – ASK1112

The entire door


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