Gloria, Welcome.


        It isn’t often that CBE has the opportunity to feature someone on our blog but we are pleased to introduce someone with a brilliant mind who uses that mind to help others expand their own knowledge base in an effort to help them reach their full potential. Simply put, this is a remarkable woman whose intellect and passion for teaching and knowledge is surpassed only by her willingness to empower others to find that which drives and inspire them.  

        CBE will feature some of her work in this blog because we feel that her message of “expanding the mind” is a relevant and effective message especially in a culture where close-mindedness is not only accepted but perpetual. It is only when we use our “mind’s eye” to view the world can we then see the true beauty IN the world, and that is what CBE is striving to unlock.

        So please visit our blog often as we explore the outer regions of our minds with Ms. Gloria Clay through her words and her work. We will close with a most poignant quote from Ms. Clay stating; “Give a man a thought and he thinks for a day; teach a man to think, and he thinks for a lifetime”.


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