Well said, even if it’s from a Panda

I saw this picture and thought “how relevant is this”? Using an animal to express a social issue. It’s funny how we, as humans are more humane towards animals than we are of our own kind seeing how we are the more intelligent species, well in most cases at least; but I digress.

This picture is the epitome of what CBE stands for. But it’s not just about color, it’s about those of us who are seen as different just because we don’t fit the mold that society dictates we should. It’s about trying to enlighten those who still embrace the mentality of discrimination for any reason, and those who subscribe to ideals that diminish moral values and ethical behavior. It’s about creating a mindset that there’s nothing wrong with being different because that’s what makes each of us special. Finally, it’s about acceptance because until we realize that, we will continue to espouse to the idea of “Sometimes it’s what we see that makes us blind”. I challenge you to close your eyes in order to see a better world.



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