Hello world!

Welcome to our blog. We’d  like to encourage you to grab a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice, sit back and relax as we intend to provide food for thought on many issues over the life of this blog. How long will this blog last you ask? Well kind Sir and lovely Madam, we have no earthly idea how long this will last. What we do know is that it was time to start this blog as a way for ColorBlind Enterprises LLC  (CBE) to get its message of equality and acceptance out and to draw attention to the fact that “Sometimes it’s what we see that makes us blind.”

Now many of you reading this will think that the name “ColorBlind”, or even this blog for that matter  is just about color. It’s okay, you can say it, our feelings won’t be hurt. I mean, the name is ColorBlind for Pete’s sake. But know this. This blog is not necessarily about color, though color does fall under the umbrella of our message and initially was its focal point. However, CBE is about so much more than just color; it’s about acceptance and not seeing those things that allow us to place labels on individuals as well as groups. It is our intention to use this blog to help expand minds and hearts in such a way to start thinking critically about life and situations we find ourselves in life. There is so much beauty in life to see and if we could just learn how to see it, imagine what the world would look like. We can.

Therefore over the course of this and future blogs, it is our goal to try and paint a vision of what we think the world would be like using your computer, tablet or smart phone screen as our canvas, our words as the paint, with our thoughts providing the color, or lack there of for a portrait we like to call “Vision-less Sight.”

Join us won’t you.

P.S. Please bear with us as we are new to this whole “blog” thing (even though it’s probably been around for what, 10 or 12 yrs now) anyhoo, give us a couple of weeks to get it all figured out and then we’ll be cooking with propane… cause gas is too damn expensive.



CBE co-founder


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